HEY! My name is Dorothy

A couple years back I went through a horrific breakup that not only took me by surprise but also left me feeling broken, shattered, clueless about where my life was going to go, and quite literally with nothing. I loved that man with all of my heart. I had built my life around him, his goals and ambitions. When it dramatically ended and he started dating someone a month after the end of our 7 year relationship I was left feeling stranded, alone, betrayed, and so full of fear and sadness. I wanted to be excited about my life but felt like all I could see was the hardship I was about to endure.

That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to let this define me. I was going to overcome this breakup and move forward with my life in the most dramatic way possible. Making it everything I ever wanted it to be. In the year that followed I learned many valuable lessons that have given me a process in which I’ve been able to share with others to help transform their lives into everything they’ve ever wanted.

I offer my help to others and love working with women in this area because I’ve been there. I understand the heartache, the sadness, the yearning for wanting to be in control and excited about your life but only being able to see burden after burden without your best friend.

I work with my clients weekly over the phone or FaceTime identifying what it is that they truly want in life? What parts of their past relationship did they love and what parts could they have done without? Now that they are free and have the ability to go do anything they want in this life, what is it that they want? What do they enjoy doing? What makes them electric and light up? We work to strip down the beliefs that are not serving them so they can take back control, FEEL BETTER and get excited about their life again.

If you’re going through something that sounds like this or similar, I’d love for you to sign up for a free breakthrough session.

During this breakthrough session we take the time to get to know one another a bit, I’ll share a little bit about my program, and if you’re a good fit, then we can go ahead and get started! To learn more about the breakthrough session head on over to my work with me page.

Thanks again for stopping by!

With love and positive vibes,