Dorothy AB Johnson
Dorothy AB Johnson

Break Through YOur Breakup

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I get it. Breakups hurt, so bad. When you’ve put so much into the relationship and the other person and everything you wanted was in that relationship and now it’s just gone, what do you do? The rug was ripped out from beneath you.

You want to be excited about your future but you feel blocked because all you can see is the hardship you’re about to endure. You can try your hardest to see this in a “good light” however you still just feel betrayed, sad and alone.

In your breakthrough session I offer you a few tips to have you start thinking about your life a little differently. I can offer you a couple tweaks that provide you with actionable changes that can be taken in your life to begin not only feeling better but also seeing the results you want in your life.

We jump on the phone for about 15 minutes where I help you discover why you are feeling the way you feel and how your mind is creating this. I will describe two things on how you can change and take action to get started to significantly decrease the thoughts that are not serving you which are creating the way you feel and the results in your life so that you can begin to get excited about your future. I then can tell you about some of of the opportunities to work with me on a longer term bases.

After your Breakthrough session I can guarantee you’ll have the knowledge to start taking control of your life to feel better and get the results you want in your life.

You’ll notice the reasons as to why you’re feeling the way you feel and how you can change your thoughts to feel better instead of relying on your circumstances (your ex boyfriend, family, friends, social media) to have an amazing life.

You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of your journey and relationship with yourself.

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I know that this is a personal and intimate journey that can sometimes (most of the time) bring out the worst in ourselves so talking to a complete stranger about it could be scary. I get that. But I promise you not only is everything you tell me confidential but I can almost guarantee that I’ve had the same thought or done the same thing so there is no judgement here sister. If you’ve never worked with a therapist or coach I highly recommend just giving the free breakthrough session try. What else do you have to lose at this point?

Also, as a side note, if we don’t click that’s ok, there is no pressure in continuing work with me after the breakthrough session. I just want to help you feel better, inspired, and so unbelievably excited about the life you have in front of you.

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Dorothy provided coaching to me when I was going through a difficult time in my life where I felt stuck, isolated, and uncertain about my future. She helped me objectively look at a series of negative thought patterns, release outdated dynamics that were no longer serving me, take massive action to become a better version of myself. She inspired and uplifted me, and acted as a guiding light that was unwavering in support.  Coaching with Dorothy spurred a tremendous amount of personal growth and strength, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her.
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